Caillou is an animated series for children that are based on the books of author Christine L' Heureux and illustrator Hélène Desputeaux. The term Caillou comes from French and means something like stone or pebble. However, it may also be called bald head, which was probably the intention of the authors. The series is characterized by the fact that it is kept simple by understanding and reflecting her everyday challenges. The dialogues are simple to understand and Caillou ( and the audience ) are many things explained in an understandable form. Caillou's parents are represented as ideal and know both in dealing with the children and with the answers to questions is a very good solution. In addition to the adult role model, the narrator names the feelings of Caillou (fear, sadness, anger, etc.) with the right words, are not yet available to the children of this age often available.

Main Characters

Caillou - a four year old boy who is fascinated by discovering the world and led by his family and friends through this.

Doris "Mommy " - Caillou's mother. From professional secretary. Caillou helps you in all situations.

Boris " Papi " - Caillou's father. He helps his son, whenever he can, but is not very technically gifted.

Rosie - Caillou's about two years younger sister. Sometimes she brings Caillou by their childish levity in trouble. In later episodes she talks a little more. Rosie is called in French-speaking original mousseline.

Omi - Caillou's grandmother. She often has creative ideas, Caillou help in solving various problems.

Opi - Caillou's grandfather. He likes to takes things outdoors with his grandson. He and his wife are Boris ' parents.

Caillou's friends and neighbors

Paul Hinkle - Caillou's neighbor. If the first time in 1998 in the episode Caillou has presented no more fear.

Leo - a red-haired bully, the first time in 1999, first day of school will appear in the episode Caillou. He, too, is four years old and Caillou's best friend. In a holiday episode, it turns out that Leo is Jewish, as he celebrates Hanukkah. In one episode is Leo's mother, Mrs. Martin, a teacher at the school, although no other relationship exists.

Clementine - Clementine is the first -mentioned girlfriend, also in the 1998 broadcast episode Caillou's first day at school. Also, she is four years old and sometimes has a slightly imperious tone in itself, yet it is always understanding. It is Afrokanadierin.

Sarah - a friend of Caillou. She is eight years old and already goes to school. She is of Chinese origin.

André - a six- year-old, red-haired boy. He comes in the wake Caillou's great friend before the first time. He is a bit plump and Caillou does not like him at first. But they too become good friends quickly. Caillou plays with him every Saturday.

Julie - Caillou's babysitter. She is 16 years old, blonde and loves to play with Caillou.

Mr. Washington - a bus driver. It's the same bus driver, who has already always been Caillous father to school.

Jeffrey & Jason - twins who love to play with Caillou.

Billy - Clementines older brother. Mostly, he shows how he does in a band with his friends music or playing sports. His age is unknown, but it is estimated to be twelve years.

Miss Martin - Caillou's kindergarten teacher

Gilbert - Caillou's cat, they believed in the beginning that he has caused Caillous allergy. But Caillou was allergic merely against his flea collar.


History of the series

The series was originally aired in the French-speaking Quebec in Canada. She ran from 29 August 1998 to 10 November 2006. The series was designed for toddlers aged two to six years, with the participation of experienced psychologists with children. The Caillou books have been around since 1987. 1998 was the broadcasting of a total of 65 five -minute episodes. 2000 were added to 40 30 -minute episodes, which included a mix of the five -minute episodes, new stories, real Einspielern and dolls. 2003 were added for a further 16 half-hour episodes. Then there was a three-year break, during which the film Caillou's Holiday Movie came out. On 3 April 2006, 20 new episodes came out. However, with the new season, there were many innovations. Caillou came into the nursery, and there were new themes and a new intro. In addition, the new episodes were animated with Adobe Flash and no longer drawn by hand.

In Germany, the show is on Super RTL in the early morning program.