California Republican Assembly

The California Republican Assembly ( CRA ) is a group of conservative Republicans in the U.S. state of California, which are regarded as lobbyists on the right side of the political spectrum.

It emerged in the 1930s in opposition to Earl Warren, then governor of California, who was too liberal for the founder of the CRA 's view and the Democrats stood near; For this reason, wanted to achieve that he receives no support from the conservative side. In 1964, the CRA supported the presidential candidature of Barry Goldwater and helped him the nomination on the Republican National Convention in San Francisco. In the same year, the CRA George Murphy supported, a former movie actor and close friend of Ronald Reagan, with his election to the U.S. Senate before Ronald Reagan stood by himself in his election as Governor of California in 1966.

The group claims a large proportion of the so-called Reagan Revolution itself, that is, the political changes under the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Unlike other conservative groups it does not claim to bipartisanship, may only Republican candidates according to its statutes are supported. Their only goal is to influence the Republican Party in terms of a conservative policy. It occurs especially against abortion and for values ​​such as family and support a government policy to reduce taxes and the elimination of government controls. In the 1990s she founded a national offshoot, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, which occurs now in about 40 states.

The members of the CRA is dominated by the Republican Party of the State of California and many of its affiliated regional organizations. Critics, even in Republican circles, her hold before that since the beginning of their dominance within the Republican Party Republicans could not win an office in the state of California; this was true at least until the victory of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new elections for the governorship in 2003, without the help of the CRA he reached however, because this Tom McClintock at the end of third-place finisher supported. According to this critic believes the program is far too conservative, as it could ever be a majority in the entire state of California; as long as the CRA not gave up their positions, the Republicans would be there permanently in the minority. The members of the CRA response to this is that the Republican Party in California would approach too much the Democrats without their influence and thus in particular stood for conservative voters virtually no real choice alternatives more available.

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