Calitzdorp is a town in the municipality Can Aland, District Eden, Western Cape Province in South Africa. It is located 45 km east of Ladismith and 55 kilometers west of Oudtshoorn on Route 62 has 4,284 inhabitants (as of 2011).


The city was founded on the territory of the former farm Buffelsvlei. This was built by the Calitz family ( as a name ) and officially mentioned for the first time in 1821. 1845 began with the construction of the meetinghouse.

1924 was the connection to the railway, 1937, the electrification and the construction of a paved road to Oudtshoorn.

In the late 1990s the city became known in Europe by a dispute with the EU. Reason was the name of the Südweins produced there as port wine. May be used until 2011, the South African domestic market, the concept of port as a transitional arrangement. Wineries in Calitzdorp are: Axehill, Peter Bayly Wines, Boplaas Wine Cellar, Calitzdorp Wine Cellar, Wine Cellar De crane and Withoek Cellar.


  • 25 kilometers away mineral springs made ​​Calitzdorp in 1900 into a tourist resort.
  • Hennie Cloete Nature Garden
  • Gamkaberg Nature Reserve