A district is an element of a spatial or administrative structure.

The word derives from the Latin distringere, among other things, " take " legal " hinder, arrest " from, and originally referred to a standing under special jurisdiction area as defined " off-limits ", and later " special administrative region " outside the normal administrative structure. In this sense it stands today; however, continue as a general translation of a foreign language name of a province or administrative unit or in literal transmission (eg District in Canada).


  • Administrative structure, especially in countries with English or French the official language, see list of official languages ​​, in most cases below states ( member states ) and Provinces the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the upper management structure ( the cantons ), see Administrative divisions of Luxembourg
  • In France in the 1790s, a subdivision of a department, see France> Administrative Divisions also in French -ruled Kingdom of Westphalia ( December 1807-October 1813 )