Cameroon Airlines

Cameroon Airlines was the national airline of Cameroon based in Douala.


The airline was founded on July 26, 1971 and started operations on 1 November 1971, two aircraft of type Boeing 737-200 on the route Douala - Yaoundé on. With two former Boeing 707 of Air France flight operations began in Rome and Paris. The Boeing 707 was replaced in 1982 by Boeing 747-200. The airline was among 96.43 % of the government of Cameroon and to 3.57% of Air France.

On 16 September 2005, set Cameroon Airlines on the "black list" by the French Agency for Civil Aviation ( DGAC ). Thus, the airline could fly to any destinations in France more. A few days later, the airline reached an agreement with the French authorities and was allowed to fly back with rented machinery French airports.

The government halted in March 2008 further flight operations and confiscated all the offices of the company. Since then, the airline is also without administration.

Successor is the airline Camair -Co newly established.


In September 2005 Cameroon Airlines operating only one Boeing 757-200. In November 2006, flew at least two jets with the emblem of the airline, which could end up in Paris. Since April 2008 the entire fleet is shut down:

Pictures of Cameroon Airlines