Candamir: The First Settlers

Swiss Award 2005 Games Strategy Games: Place 2

Candamir ( subtitled " The first settlers ") is a board game for two to four people by Klaus Teuber. It was published in German in 2004 at Kosmos and 2005 in English as Candamir: The First Settlers at Mayfair Games. 2005, took second place in the Swiss game prize in the category of strategy games.

Candamir is indeed located in the Catan world, but it is a new game idea. Particular attention is paid to the first settlement of Catan, found in their environment, the inhabitants on hikes various raw materials and natural history. With these needed goods can be produced then in the village, for whose production the player is rewarded (among others) victory points.

Candamir combined board and role-playing: each player has a character whose features he improved over the course of the game. A special editor allows players to create their own characters and give these other features and capabilities as the standard characters using a points system.

The game is based on the novel of The Settlers of Catan by Rebecca Gablé. Individual characters and events of the novel appear on adventure maps, and the main characters give the players victory points for manufactured objects or animals found.

At Candamir the low interaction between the players was criticized. Therefore, make certain the game for two more fun than with three or four players, as the individual players will not have to wait until he is back at the series. 2005 therefore came out a new edition, in which the target cards for three and four players earn an additional raw material so as to speed up the game a bit. For owners of the old edition, you can download the newer backs of the target cards also.

Also in 2005, appeared as a result Elasund game, which in turn is but a stand-alone game.