Capital (German magazine)

The business magazine Capital was founded in 1962. Capital appears monthly in the house Gruner and Jahr AG & Co KG with a circulation of 206 950. The twice- monthly publication since the stock market boom in 2000 was reversed in April 2008. Since the conversion of 14 - daily to monthly publication of the Exchange Capital Investor Letter is published weekly for subscribers to the capital.


Studies / actions

Capital publishes once a year with the Kunstkompass a ranking of the 100 most famous artists. Since the death of Art Compass Author Willi Bongard in 1985 Linde Rohr - Bongard continues the fame barometer. Under the Sign of Capital - sell- this list is now publishing the Manager Magazin. Since 2005, the Schwab drawing Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, Capital, and the consulting firm The Boston Consulting Group ( BCG) annually entrepreneurs entitled Social Entrepreneur of the Year, who try in the social sector, to maximize the social benefits and not just the profit.

Since 1997, Capital annually awards the Investor Relations Award together with the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management ( DVFA). Sponsor is the auditing firm Deloitte. Be tested companies from Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50, DAX, M- Dax, Tec -Dax and S- Dax. The evaluation is done according to the DVFA criteria for effective financial market communication: target group orientation, transparency, track record and extra financial reporting.

The Eco-Manager of the Year is a German Environmental Award, which is awarded annually since 1990 with WWF Germany. Prominent winners include baby food manufacturers Claus Hipp, mail chief Michael Otto and Hans- Dietrich sign, longtime head of the detergent Henkel Group. The award recognizes entrepreneurs who consider in its business conduct equally ecological, economic and social concerns.

The Capital Elite Panel is a management survey, since May 1987 with more than 500 leaders from business, politics and administration three times, the Institute for Allensbach year.

Yearly Capital appoints a selection " Young Elite " of the most important 160 young leaders in Germany.