Carcabuey is a municipality in the Spanish province of Cordoba in central Andalusia. The name comes from the Arabic word karkabul and mutatis mutandis means less access to mountains. The place is located on the eastern edge of the UNESCO- Geopark Sierras Subbéticas, the Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas. Carcabuey lies in a deeper corridor that separates the southern Sierra de la Hornicera from the northern highlands of Cabra. This is to karst mountains with rugged cliffs, deep canyons and numerous caves.

Carcabuey had on 1 January 2013 a total of 2668 inhabitants ² on a total area of ​​79.74 km. The village lies at an altitude of 625 m. Landmark is the mighty medieval castle that overlooks the village on a nearby limestone massif. Inside the castle, to entwine the numerous legends, is the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Castle of Carcabuey ( Ermita de la Virgen Maria Santisima del Castillo de Carcabuey ), the patron saint of the place. On the walls of the crutches are attached physically disabled pilgrims because they no longer needed them. Also worth seeing the church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción is from the 14th century with a magnificent interior in Cordoba - Baroque, as well as the two chapels Calvario and Aurora.

In caves outside the village of archaeological sites dating from the Stone Age, the Roman period and Muslim rule can be visited. Among the festivities of the place include the Corpus Christi, where the streets are decorated with colorful carpets of sawdust, the feast in honor of the Virgen de la Aurora in August, and the Good Friday with a procession, which is modeled on the Passion of Christ.

Pictures of Carcabuey