Caren Marsh Doll

Caren Marsh ( born April 6, 1919 in Hollywood, California as Caren Morris) is an American actress and dancer.


She was like her family active in the Methodist and Wesleyan Church. After her high school graduation 1937, Marsh decided to become an actress. Despite opposition from her parents who prefer a college degree wanted for her, she spoke in front of MGM for the film Rosalie. There she was rejected, however, because they resembled in size and stature Judy Garland, she was hired as a stand-in for Garland The Wizard of Oz.

She decided in 1937 to let her change in Marsh, because there are many people with the first name " Morris " was at that time.

In an aviation accident of Standard Airlines was one of the 14 passengers survived.


Pictures of Caren Marsh Doll