Carlos Anwandter

Carl Anwandter ( born April 1, 1801 in Luckenwalde, Prussia, † July 10, 1889 in Valdivia, Chile ) was a German chemist and politician, who emigrated to Chile in 1850.



Carl Anwandter attended from 1815 to 1817 the Joachimsthalsche Gymnasium in Berlin and completed from 1817 to 1821 a pharmacist teaching. After his service in the Guard pioneers in Potsdam, he studied in Berlin pharmacy. After his marriage in 1825 with Emilie Fähndrich he went with his family to the Lower Lusatia to Guben.

In 1829 he came to Calau where to September 1849 he was mayor of the city in addition to numerous honorary positions 1836-1849 and City Treasurer of July. His political ideas and activities led in 1847 to his election as an MP in the United State Parliament (representing the Mark Brandenburg) and 1848 as a member of the Prussian National Assembly.

He took part in the revolution of 1848 in Germany. This and his liberal and republican principles which were contrary to the Prussian absolutism led him to think of emigration.


1850 emigrated Anwandter with the Hamburg Sailing Ship Hermann to Chile, where he landed on 13 November 1850 in a group of 95 German immigrants in the port of Corral at Valdivia.

Meaning he gains as a representative of the first contingent of German settlers, the Bernhard Eunom Philippi had sent. In 1851 he founded the brewery Anwandter ( Cerveceria Anwandter ) on the Isla Teja by Valdivia, the first brewery in the country. It was destroyed in the earthquake of Valdivia in 1960.

Furthermore founded Anwandter in Valdivia, among others, in 1852 the still existing Fire Department Company Germania, in 1853 the German club Club Alemán and 1858, the German School, was a Director until 1876 and which today bears his name (Instituto Alemán Carlos Anwandter ).

Famous quote

As representatives of the first closed German immigrant group to Chile he put the following vow against the Chilean immigration agents from:

The hereby expressed loyalty of the German immigrants compared to their new home at the same time holding to their own traditions has remained influential to the present day for the German - Chileans.


In Calau a street was named after him in 1935. For the centenary of the German School in Valdivia appeared a Chilean stamp with the inscription " Instituto Alemán C. Anwandter, Valdivia 1859-1959 ," which bears his portrait.