The abbreviation CCA stands for:

  • Call Center Agent
  • Cash Carry Angehrn, a Swiss wholesale company
  • Central Connect Airlines, a Czech regional airline
  • Creativ Club Austria
  • Center for Contemporary Art Kitakyushu (CCA) Kitakyushu
  • CCA Glasgow, a center for arts and culture in Glasgow
  • Clásicos de Canarios car Móviles, a former Spanish carmaker
  • Clear Channel Assessment, one inserted in different network protocols method for carrier testing
  • Common Component Architecture
  • Casa CENTRALA a Armatei, the predecessor club Steaua Bucharest
  • Comparable Companies Analysis, an evaluation method for enterprise
  • Comparative Advantage Concurrence, comparative competitive advantage
  • Corrections Corporation of America, a company in U.S., inter alia, commercial Prisons operates
  • Circuit Card Assembly, PCB Assembly
  • Citrix Certified Administrator, an IT certificate
  • Cisco Certified Architect, an IT certificate
  • Chosen - ciphertext attack, an attack model in cryptanalysis
  • Cold Cranking Amps, a measure of the current output of starter batteries in vehicles
  • Cost Center Accounting, a module in SAP, Cost Center Accounting
  • CENELEC Certification Agreement, Agreement between the European certification bodies for electrical products
  • Canonical correspondence analysis, an extension of the Correspondence Analysis ( CA)
  • Canonical Correlation Analysis
  • Copper -clad aluminum, copper clad aluminum cable from
  • Air China, a Chinese airline ( ICAO code )
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