CE stands for:

  • Ceará, a Brazilian state
  • CE value ( Kohlenstoffequivalent value), a value that describes the influence of other alloying elements such as silicon or phosphorus to carbon formation in ferrous materials
  • Charismatic Renewal, a movement within the Church
  • City Express, a type of bus service in public transport
  • CE marking, the graphic symbol of the labeling under EU law for products
  • China export, see CE marking # rumors about the improper use of a similar mark (China export)
  • Engl:. , Christian Era, Common Era or Current Era, a reference to the annual calendar, see nu Z.
  • Colectomy
  • Computational Engineering, a course of study
  • Computer Engineering ( German Technical computer science ), a course of study
  • Constitución Española de 1978, the Constitution of the Kingdom of Spain
  • (English: Capillary Electrophoresis ), see capillary electrophoresis, an analytical separation method
  • Consumer Electronics ( disambiguation)
  • The EU class CE, which is required to drive road trains, see driver's license and driving license (European Union) # EU driving license classes
  • Clear entry resp. clear error, a function of a calculator that allows a correction of the last number entry
  • Close Encounter ( close encounter with a UFO ), see J. Allen Hynek Hynek's classification of # UFO sightings
  • Microsoft Windows CE, a mobile operating system for handheld devices
  • Combustion Engineering ( often abbreviated as CE), an American manufacturer of steam generators
  • Concurrent engineering, an approach to product development
  • Nationwide, South African airline after the IATA code

CE as a distinguishing mark on license plate:

  • Germany: Landkreis Celle
  • UK: Cardiff
  • Ireland: County Clare / County Clare
  • Italy: Province of Caserta
  • Norway: Romerike in the province of Akershus
  • Sweden: diplomatic plates for Laos
  • Slovenia: Celje, German: Cilli
  • Spain: Ceuta ( discontinued)
  • Czech: České Budějovice, German ( Bohemian ) Budweis ( discontinued)
  • Turkey: Diplomatic Corps ( green lettering on a white background)
  • Consular Corps (white text on turquoise background)

Ce stands for:

  • Cerium, as a chemical symbol
  • Various electric locomotives in Switzerland, see List of locomotives and railcars SBB

CE is:

  • The 19th letter of the Armenian alphabet, see Ճ

Ce stands for:

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