Centre (French region)

- Total January 1, 2011 - Density

2,556,835 inhabitants 65.3 inhabitants per km ²

- Total - Share in France:

39,151 km ² 5.2%

Centre [ sɑ tʀ ː ] is a region in the center of France, consisting of the departments of Cher, Eure- et- Loir, Indre -et -Loire, Loir -et -Cher, Indre and Loiret. It has an area of ​​39,151 km ² and 2,556,835 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011). Regional capital is Orléans.


The region is located south of Paris in central France, is bordered to the north by the Ile- de -France and Normandy, on the west by the Pays de la Loire and Poitou- Charentes, on the south by the Limousin and Auvergne and on the east by Burgundy. The capital city of Orléans is located in the northeast of the region. Other important cities are Tours, Amboise and Blois. The region is traversed by the Loire, the Coming to Orléans changes its direction from the south and continues to flow through Tours to the west.

Coat of arms

Description: Blue three ( 2, 1) golden lilies surrounded under a white solid tournament collar of a 12 fold white-red gestückten board.


The region covers about the historic landscapes Orléanais, Berry and Touraine. The French kings were as early as the 11th century owner of Berry. The Touraine was from 1205 a royal possession. The capital is Orléans Jeanne d' Arc, who, brought up today, " Joan of Arc " in conjunction. The Orléanais was the Hundred Years War last bastion of the French against the English.

The region itself was formed in 1956, as the division of France took place in program regions. In 1972, the region was granted the status of a Établissement public under the direction of a regional prefect. Due to the decentralization laws of 1982, the regions were given the status of Collectivités territorial ( regional ) as him until then only the municipalities and the department had possessed. 1986, the Regional Council was first elected in a direct line. Since then, the powers of the region against the central government in Paris was gradually extended. In 2000, the current flowing through the Loire region between the cities of Sully- sur -Loire and Chalonnes because of the many castles there was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


The most densely populated cities in the Centre region are:

Political Structure

The Centre Region is divided into six departments:


In 2006, was the regional gross domestic product per capita, expressed in purchasing power standards, 96.5 % of the average of the EU27.