The village Chandolin

Chandolin was until December 31, 2008, a municipality in the Val d' Anniviers, district of Sierre in the canton of Valais in Switzerland.

On 1 January 2009 Chandolin has with other five municipalities of the Valley ( Ayer, Grimentz, Saint- Jean, Saint- Luc and Vissoie ) fused to the municipality of Anniviers.

Next to the old Haufendorf Chandolin since 1950 grows a tourist scattered settlement.


The former municipality lies between 755 m to 2700 m asl below the Illhorns on the steep western slope of the Val d' Anniviers in the French speaking part of Switzerland. From the village there is a view over the Valais Alps from Zinalrothorn, Besso, Obergabelhorn, Zinalspitze to the Dent Blanche. The municipality included the villages Chandolin, Soussillon and fishing. The place is on Chandolin 1'936 m above sea. M., making it one of the highest parishes in Europe and was prior to the merger is the second highest town in Switzerland ( see Obverse and Lu ). A special feature is that the mountain pastures lie below the village.


On the former municipality prehistoric shell stones were found. Around 1250 Chandolin is first mentioned as Eschandulyns. A village community has been demonstrated for Chandolin in the 16th century. By 1600, the village community formed part of the area of ​​Saint -Luc. By the end of the Old Swiss Confederacy in 1798 Chandolin belonged to Kastlanei Anniviers Zenden Siders. During the Helvetic the community of the church Luc (now Saint- Luc ) was assigned to, but attained in 1821 the status of an independent parish.

Ecclesiastical Chandolin belonged until 1804 to the large parish Anniviers, which had its main church in Vissoie and formed thereafter (without the catch remained at Vissoie ) a parish with Saint- Luc. This compound was isolated in 1884. 1848 Chandolin was the only community in the valley, which advocated the transfer of the goods of the bishop of Sion to the State of Valais. The village center of Chandolin was the structural model for the Swiss theme park in Europe, thanks to the congregation appointed its Managing Director Roland Mack honorary citizen.

Effective January 1, 2009, all municipalities in the Val d' Anniviers were merged to form the new municipality of Anniviers.


Mining on a modest scale is demonstrated. 1836 began with the mining of copper. The actual source of income of Chandolin was discovered at the end of the 19th century: The first hotel opened its doors in 1897. In 1916 made ​​a small power station for electricity. 1971 came the construction of a chairlift.

Only since 1960 opens up a road of Vissoie about St. Luc Chandolin the village. Therefore, the earlier usual seasonal emigration came to a standstill. Beginning of the 21st century Chandolin has become a winter and summer resort. Despite the tourism migration from the site is continuous. In 2000 ( census ) also around 28 % of the workforce worked as commuters.



Chandolin was the last residence of the Swiss travel writer and athlete Ella Maillart.


Valais Alps at Chandolin

Church of Chandolin