Charles Immanuel Forsyth Major

Charles Immanuel Forsyth Major ( born August 15, 1843 in Glasgow, studied in Basel and Göttingen and settled down as a physician in Florence in 1868, † March 25, 1923 in Kaufbeuren ) was a Swiss zoologist and paleontologist who specifically dealt with vertebrates.


With the support of the Italian Government Major fossils collected in Calabria, Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily. In 1886 he gave up his job as a doctor and collected fossils in Greece. This collection he left demm Collège Galliart in Lausanne and the British Museum in London. In the latter, it is mainly objects from Madagascar, which he brought back from his expedition 1894-1896. He discovered the extinct 500 years ago by the family of Megaladapidae including the " Koala lemurs " and the giant lemurs. He created the first systematic collection of mammals of Madagascar.


  • On fossil and recent Lagomorpha (1899 )

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