Charles William, Prince of Nassau-Usingen

Karl Wilhelm ( born November 9, 1735 in Usingen, † May 17 1803 in Biebrich ) was from 1775 to 1803 Prince of Nassau- Usingen and 1797-1803 formally also of Nassau- Saarbrücken.


Karl Wilhelm was the eldest son of Prince Charles of Nassau- Usingen and Christina Wilhelmina of Saxe- Eisenach, the daughter of Johann Wilhelm of Saxe- Eisenach. In 1770 he was lieutenant general of infantry, and in 1775 he succeeded his father as Prince. In 1789 he became General in 1790 and colonel of the regiment whales.

In 1783 he joined the Nassau Nassau Erbverein inheritance contract with Nassau -Saarbrücken, Nassau -Weilburg and Nassau- Dietz ( Orange-Nassau ) in order to maintain the unity of the Nassau area. Thus, only the first-born should be able to inherit. After the death of Prince Heinrich Ludwig von Nassau -Saarbrücken (1768-1797) he inherited Nassau- Saarbrücken. The Principality was, however, occupied since 1793 by French revolutionary troops. In the Peace of Luneville, he lost the left bank of the Rhine to France. The Reichsdeputationshauptschluss compensated him with parts of Electoral Mainz, Electorate of Cologne, the Palatinate and Hesse. He died in the same year. His brother Frederick Augustus succeeded him on the throne.

Marriage and issue

Karl Wilhelm married on April 16, 1760 Countess Karoline Felicitas Leiningen - long mountain Heidenheim (* May 22, 1734, † May 8, 1810 ), daughter of Count Christian Karl Reinhard of Leiningen- Dabo. They had one daughter:

  • Princess Caroline Polyxena (* April 4, 1762; † August 17, 1823 ) ∞ Landgrave Friedrich III. of Hesse- Kassel- Rumpenheim. Karoline was Polyxene ancestress of today surviving Hessen- Kassel- Rumpenheim By this marriage.