Château de Montrichard


West View of the castle ruins

The ruins of the castle of Mont Richard is located in the municipality of Mont Richard French in the department of Loir- et- Cher. It stands as a monument historique a historical monument since 1877.

The ruins of a hilltop castle, a former Angevin fortress lies with the remains of its outer wall and a number of fortifications on the edge of a plateau above the Cher and the medieval city. It is the remains of a castle dating from the 11th/12th. Century, had the Count Fulk Nerra built with a wooden Donjon to 1010. Background for the construction of a fortress was the strategic importance of this place. Here namely Bourges to Tours from Paris to Spain and crossed two major trade routes.

Today's square, articulated by pilasters Donjon of stone, for the fortress in Loches example, dates back to 1120, built by Hugues I d' Amboise. It consists of three floors: The ground floor served as a magazine, in the middle floor were the living rooms, and the conclusion was the attic with a crenellated parapet. In the following centuries the fortress walls, round towers, a drawbridge and intended for the home of the lords of the castle rooms were added. 1589 King Henry IV of France erode the upper four meters of walls to weaken the defensive capability of the system, they should fall into enemy hands.

Until the 15th century Mont Richard belonged to the lords of Amboise. 1461 bought Louis XI. , A frequent admirer of the miraculous image in the suburb of Nanteuil, the town and castle, came the possession but again. After the fortress more times had changed hands, she was eventually become uninhabitable in the 17th century.

The " Musées du Donjon " show a collection of archaeological finds from the region.