Mont Richard ( pronunciation [ mɔtʀi'ʃɑʀ ], not [ mɔʀi'ʃɑʀ ] ) is a commune with 3409 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011 ) in the department of Loir -et -Cher in the Centre region. It belongs to the district of Blois and the Canton of Mont Richard. The municipality is situated on the Cher, between Tours and Vierzon.


Mont Richard is a medieval town and former Angevin fortress. Its rectangular donjon is the remnant of a castle dating from the 11th/12th. Century, which originally came from the Count Fulk Nerra. The stone Donjon built one of his successors as lord of Mont Richard, Hugues I d' Amboise. Formerly the wine-growing village had strategic importance, because here namely Bourges to Tours, and from Paris to Spain crossed two important trade routes. Until the 15th century Mont Richard belonged to the lords of Amboise. 1461 bought Louis XI. , A frequent admirer of the miraculous image to Nanteuil suburb, town and castle, but sold the property again. This changed after several owners. In the 17th century the castle was eventually become uninhabitable.



  • Sanctuary of Notre -Dame de Nanteuil, in the core of the 12th century, mainly gothic
  • Donjon, divided by pilasters, and 1589 consisting of three floors; with history and local history museum
  • The ruins of the castle of Mont Richard
  • Church of Saint- Croix at the foot of the keep, 16th and 19th centuries; married here in 1476, the Duke Louis d' Orléans, later King Louis XII. , Jeanne de Valois, daughter of Louis XI.
  • Old houses, partly timber-framed


  • Since 1965, with Eltville