Chemie und Liebe

  • Hans Nielsen: Dr. Alland
  • Tilly Lauenstein: Martina Höller
  • Ralph Lothar: da Costa
  • Ann Höling: Georgia Spaldi
  • Gisela Deege: Aimée
  • Arno Paulsen: C. D. Miller
  • Alfred Brown: Narrator
  • Anneliese noise: Annelie
  • Ye Chong Yin: receptionist
  • Gustav Püttjer: Charly

Chemistry and love is the first science fiction film of the DEFA from 1948, shot in black and white.


The diet of people is a pressing problem immediately after the war. The chemist Dr. Alland has made ​​a sensational invention: He can plant starting material - grass or moss - transform directly in butter, without the need for cows only produce milk. Several pretty ladies make themselves closer to the inventor, to withdraw the profit encouraging news for their respective group on land. After a few trials and tribulations understands Dr. Alland that all these ladies are only interested in the money and not about him, recognizes his assistant, his true love and leaves the country.


  • " A utopian fairy tale. "
  • " ... A clumsy capitalism grotesque to the butter making from grass ... "
  • " A brisk anti-capitalist Boulevard piece in the style of the screwball comedy. "
  • "The whole thing is an wacky, grotesque anti-capitalism comedy ... "


  • The fictitious country in which the action takes place, bears the significant name " capitals ".
  • The idea for the film is based on a film theorist Béla Balázs draft.
  • Later DEFA productions in the SF are The Silent Star of 1960 signals - A Space Adventure from 1970, Eolomea 1972 and in the dust of the stars of 1976.