Chesterfield (cigarette)

Chesterfield is a brand of cigarettes of Altria Group (formerly Phillip Morris), which has been produced since 1873. It belonged temporarily to the three popular cigarette brands in the U.S.. The unfiltered version is very strong as well known.

Originally, the Chesterfield by the Drummond Tobacco Company of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, has been developed. In 1873 it was taken over by the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company (L & M), which was then the largest chewing tobacco producers in the United States. According to the invention and development of the first cigarette machines (1881 ), the machine processing broke with their enormous profits at first a fierce competition, the battle for the cigarette monopoly. As the winner of the American Tobacco Company was resulting with James Duke, the Liggett & Myers Tobacco 1898, the Company acquired and the Chesterfield brand in 1914, helped by a new taste and with modified package to popularity. Since 1998, Chesterfield is manufactured by Philip Morris.

Chesterfield was especially popular in the 1950s in the U.S., as it was the favorite brand of Humphrey Bogart and the teen idol James Dean. Glenn Miller and later U.S. president and former actor Ronald Reagan did in the 1940s or 1950s, advertising for the brand.

In Ian Fleming's James Bond novels, this brand is smoked frequently, of Bond himself ( Goldfinger ) or from Felix Leiter ( fireball ).

In Germany, the package design in the 1990s was changed from the original white box into a brown cardboard envelope modeled. In addition to the original brand, there was also now a "light " version with blue instead of red label.

Since prohibition of "Lights " - the term for cigarettes you also returned in the early 2000s back to the original design.

Chesterfield in motorcycling

The brand of cigarettes Chesterfield was from 1987 to 1994 the main sponsor of the motorcycle team " BYRD " ( Belgarda Yamaha Racing Division ) at the rally " Paris -Dakar ". The competition team "Yamaha Sonauto " was sponsored by the cigarette brand Gauloises.

The best-known riders in the team are Gilles Lalay (1992 fatal accident at the Cape Town rally ), Cyril Neveu ( 1st winner of the Dakar Rally on a Yamaha XT 500, a total of five victories in the Paris-Dakar Rally ) and Franco Picco (the " eternal second " of the rally ).

In addition, under the name " Chesterfield Scout " was a collaboration with the Enduro sport on more private level. There were, for example, Yamaha 1988 " Chesterfield DT " with 125 cc Yamaha XTZ 750 for the Super Ténéré there were in their first model year 1989, the color variant " Chesterfield ".