Chevrolet Montana

Chevrolet Montana ( 2011)

The Chevrolet Montana is a small pickup truck, the General Motors manufactures in Brazil and sold in South America and similar markets. In Mexico, called the car Chevrolet Tornado. The first generation of Montana was based on the Opel Corsa C, the current on the Chevrolet Agile, which is built in Argentina. In South Africa, the first generation was sold as the Opel Corsa Utility, then renamed the Chevrolet Corsa Utility. In the current Chevrolet Utility ( referred to as " Ute" ode " bakkie ") is the " Corsa" disappeared.

The Montana comes standard with a 1.4 -liter inline four- cylinder engine Econoflex and a 1.8 -liter inline four- cylinder engine with 16 valves, flex-fuel (alcohol mode). For some markets, such as South Africa, there is the vehicle with other engines such as a 1.4 -liter R4 (for petrol ) or a 1.7 -liter R4 turbo diesel Isuzu. Since 2007, the Montana in two versions: Conquest and sports. Both versions differ in design and optional equipment.

The trailer can be loaded with 735 kg according to the manufacturer.

The model is currently being produced in São José dos Campos in Brazil. In Mexico and South Africa, it is assembled from Brazilian CKD kits.


The Montana replaced in the 2004 model year the old Chevrolet pickup based on the Opel Corsa B, but under the name Tornado. This little pickup is the most sought after and most popular car in its class. It is based on the Opel Corsa C, and although the Corsa C is no longer sold in Mexico since late 2008, the tornado will probably survive a few more years. He is now the only Chevrolet produced in Brazil, which is offered in Mexico.