Chippewa River (Wisconsin)

Chippewa River at Eau Claire

History and catchment area of ​​the Chippewa River

The Chippewa River is a left tributary of the Mississippi River in the U.S. state of Wisconsin.

The Chippewa River is formed at the confluence of its two headwaters of East Fork Chippewa River and West Fork Chippewa River. The river is dammed at this point to Lake Chippewa. The Chippewa River flows in predominantly southsouthwest direction through the northwestern Wisconsin. He passes through the city Eau Claire. Other cities along the river are Chippewa Falls, Cornell and Durand. Finally, the Chippewa River empties into the left side of the Mississippi River. The Chippewa River has a length of 294 km.

In the middle reaches of the Chippewa River near Cornell is the Brunet Iceland State Park. On the eastern bank of the Chippewa River just before its confluence with the Mississippi River are the protected areas Five - Mile Bluff Prairie State Natural Area, and Nelson - Trevino Bottoms State Natural Area.

Pictures of Chippewa River (Wisconsin)