Christiane Kubrick

Christiane Kubrick ( born May 10, 1932 in Braunschweig as Christiane Susanne Harlan ) is a German painter and actress.


Christiane Kubrick is the daughter of opera singers Fritz Moritz Harlan (1901-1970) and Ingeborg Harlan ( nee de Freitas ). After a dance and drama training and study art in Los Angeles, New York and London, Christiane Kubrick (then still under her stage name Susanne Christian ) first occupied in 1955 for supporting roles in three German film productions.

Through its role as a German singer in the famous final scene of Stanley Kubrick's Paths of Glory Christiane Kubrick is known to international audiences for the first time. For their future life their participation in this film even more important, however, has had in other respects. She learned during the filming of Stanley Kubrick know and love, they married in 1958.

The marriage with Stanley Kubrick marked the virtual end her acting career. Was artistic and she is, however, continued to work as a painter. Among other things, she has contributed paintings for the films A Clockwork Orange and Eyes Wide Shut. After the death of Stanley Kubrick in 1999, she is - together with her brother Jan Harlan - served as the executor.

Your first marriage with the German actor Werner Bruhns (divorced in 1957 ) had a daughter, Catherine ( * 1953). With Stanley Kubrick she has the children, Anya (1959-2009) and Vivian ( b. 1960 ).

Christiane Kubrick is the niece Veit Harlan (see also: Harlan (Family) ).

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As Susanne Christian

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