Christopher Boyes

Christopher Boyes ( Chris Boyes ) is an American sound engineer who participates in feature films since 1991. For his work in the American film he has been nominated for nine Academy Award, which he won four times the trophy.


Boyes studied at the San Francisco State University Cinema and graduated in 1985 with a BA from. His work in film began as a foley artist, an activity that he loves by its own account and whose quality he considers to be essential for the success of a soundtrack From 1992 he worked variously as an assistant in the tone range, until he in 1995 as a sound designer for the sound Steven Seagal strip Under Siege 2 was responsible. To date, Boyes has worked on over 70 U.S. films in the sound department.

Boyes worked in various capacities with the tone of some commercially very successful series of films, including The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean series, the Iron Man films and the Jurassic Park movies. He worked several times together with world famous directors, including Peter Jackson, James Cameron and Clint Eastwood.

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