Christopher Franke

Christopher Franke ( born April 6, 1953 in Berlin when Christopher Franke ) is a musician and was a member of the group Tangerine Dream.

Life and work

He studied at the Berlin Conservatory Classical music and composition. At the time he was heavily influenced by composers such as John Cage and Karlheinz Stockhausen and was active in the jazz and rock area with the group Agitation Free from 1966 as a drummer.

Together with the Swiss composer Thomas Kessler Franke built a recording studio at the music school on. The improvised music courses, which they performed there later were known as the "Berlin School of Electronic Music ". This Franke met in Berlin to the painter Edgar Froese, who had founded the group Tangerine Dream 1968. Franke joined the group initially as a drummer in 1973 still came to Peter Baumann. The British Melody Maker praised 1974 Franke's work on the Moog synthesizer as revolutionary and groundbreaking.

In 1980 Franke's first solo titled " Chimes & Chains " in the box " A Decade Of Dreams". The edited excerpt from Franke album " The girl on the stairs " gained by the eponymous TV crime scene in 1982 and got great popularity as a single a gold record. Until Franke exit Tangerine Dream toured almost the whole world.

1988 Franke left Tangerine Dream and spent some time in Spain, where turning back to his own musical ideas. 1990 was staggered by Franke some work for the American film industry to Los Angeles, where he settled down and opened a second studio. In 1991 he founded the Berlin Film Symphony Orchestra ( BSFO ). After several films came out in the same year his first album "Pacific Coast Highway ". His only live concert by Tangerine Dream he gave on 9 October 1991 in London. The concert which was released in 1993 as Live CD "The London Concert", he played at Royal Apollo Theatre along with Edgar Rother Me (aka Richard E. Roth), the producer and sound engineer for his all his solo projects and film scores after 1990.

In 1993, Franke his own record label "Sonic Images ". Again he created movie soundtracks, such as the Roland Emmerich film Universal Soldier, music for television series, such as Raven and Pacific Blue, and brought albums like " Klemania " or - out " Perry Rhodan Pax Terra ". Until 2000, Franke composed music for about 25 films, TV series and commercials. Known to a wider audience but was Franke. Composer of the soundtrack to the TV science fiction series Babylon 5, he created almost entirely self-

Christopher Franke composed together with Konstantin Wecker the songs of the musical Ludwig ², which had its premiere in 2005 at the Festspielhaus Neuschwanstein in Fussen.


  • London Concert ( 1993)
  • New music for films Vol.1 (1993 )
  • Klemania (1995)
  • Perry Rhodan Pax Terra (1996 )
  • The Celestine Prophecy (1996 )
  • Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love ( 1996)
  • Enchanting Nature (1996 )
  • Transformation of Mind (1997)
  • Epic ( 1999)
  • New music for films Vol.2 (2000)
  • Ludwig ² - The Musical (2005)

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