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5 Days a Stranger, 6 Days a Sacrifice, 7 Days a Skeptic and Trilby 's Notes are the four branch of a homebrew adventure series by Ben " Yahtzee " Croshaw using the Adventure Game Studios. All published games are freeware.


In 5 Days a Stranger (5 days a stranger ), the player controls the burglar Trilby. This encounters a demonic force which manifests itself as a masked killer in the tradition of Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers. He is stuck together with a group of strangers in an abandoned villa in which a person leaves after the next their lives ( cf. And Then There Were None ). The sequel to 7 Days a Skeptic ( German: 7 days a skeptic ) is about the events aboard a spaceship. The crew finds a coffin with artifacts from the first game in space to wander around - after they stow the coffin on the hangar, the demonic power awakens again. Trilby 's Notes ( Trilbys notes ) playing in a hotel, which exists both in the real world as well as in an alternative, bizarre horror dimension. The main character of the first part will look for clues to the resolution of events in 5 Days a Stranger here. While the other title of the series in the classic " point and click " style played with the mouse, requires Trilby 's Notes input commands with the keyboard in the style of old text adventures. 6 Days a Sacrifice (6 days a sacrifice ) plays between 5 Days Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic, and finish the series.


The games were on different insert disks of video game magazines and place were from the U.S. edition of PC Gamer, dubbed "the excellent series". 5 Days a Stranger is mentioned in the book Gaming Hacks as an example of a good adventure game studio game. The game received five awards at the annual ceremonies of the official Adventure Game Studio side, his successor, 7 Days a Skeptic three.

The author published further special editions of its games, which included extras such as outtakes and comments of the author. These versions were originally to have for a donation of five dollars on the author's page, are now also available there for free download. A remake of 5 Days a Stranger for Half-Life 2 engine was in the works, but has since been adjusted.