Clarence von Rosen

Clarence von Rosen ( born May 12, 1867 in Stockholm; † August 19, 1955 ) was a Swedish nobleman. As a sports official and member of the International Olympic Committee ( IOC), he was one of the pioneers of Swedish sport. The assessment of his personality was revised by the posthumous discovery of his commitment to National Socialism.


Von Rosen was equerry at the Swedish court. The son of a Swedish nobleman and an American industrialist 's daughter came over Viktor Balck sports. Trained at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, he devoted himself first to the equestrian sport. As a functionary and patron he became involved beyond football, bandy, tennis and motorsport, where he resorted to the managed assets for the financing of its living in the United States grandmother Clara Jessup Moore.

1900 of roses next Balck second Swedish member of the IOC. While in 1905 the Swedish National Olympic Committee was formed, grew up in the wake of the Swedish influence in the IOC. In 1907 there was the part of Rosen's first inspiration for the introduction of horse riding in the Olympics. After this was unsuccessful, a second application was successful two years later. In the same year also, the decision was the Games of V. Olympics 1912 Stockholm forgive. After the death of the organizing committee member Bernhard Burman shortly before the Games, the previous Deputy Astley Levin moved to and from Rosen took over his role as a non-voting representative. At the Olympic Winter and Summer Games and the 1932 Summer Olympic Games in 1936, he headed to each of the Swedish squad. Until 1948 he was a member of the IOC.

In 1899 and donated by the roses Rosenska cups. At the creation of the Swedish Football Association in 1904 he became its first chairman and incorporated in the sequence its competition in the Svenska Mästerskapet one. The winner of the league title then won the challenge cup donated by him. 1903 took over from roses also the chair of the newly created Kungliga Automobilklubben, a position he held until 1933.

In 2000, Republic of Rosen's involvement in the Swedish National Socialism. The brother Eric von Rosen, intermarried with Hermann Göring 's first wife Carin, had blocket committed under National Socialism as the founder of Nationalsocialistiska. But he himself was involved. After the Olympic Games in 1936, he attended the Nuremberg Rally. In 1940 he attended a conference of radical right-wing Sveriges nation ella förbund part of the national union, Nazi and fascist movements.

After revealing its involvement in Nazism presented the Swedish Football Federation to award the Von- Rosen's Cup for the national champion and awarded with the Lennart Johansson Cup - a new award.

His estate superimposed in the Stockholm National Archives, but not for scientific research due to an embargo of his descendants accessible.

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