Claus Erhorn

Claus Erhorn ( born January 18, 1959 in Hamburg -Harburg ) is a former German eventing rider.

With twelve years Erhorn began to ride and soon specializing in the versatility of cavalry. 1983 Erhorn was with Fairlady German champion and sixth at the European Championships. 1984 Erhorn qualified in fourth place in the German Championship for the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. In Olympic competition Erhorn finished with 80 penalty points rank 16th in the team standings, he won the bronze medal together with Dietmar Hogrefe, Bettina Over Esch and Burkhard Tesdorpf, where Tesdorpf did not come as the 39th in the individual competition the team standings. According to team bronze at the European Championships in 1985 Erhorn 1986 Fair Lady was again sixth in the World Championship.

1987 Erhorn rode on his new horse Justyn Thyme and was third in the Championship, with the team he won the silver medal. His biggest success Erhorn at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul. There was Erhorn in the individual ranking fourth after he had shown in the final jumping a safety ride. By forgoing the chance of an individual medal Erhorn avoided any risk for the team score. The German team came into Seoul with Claus Erhorn, Matthias Baumann, Ralf honor Brink and Thies Kaspareit to. While honor Brink was disqualified Erhorn, Baumann and Kaspareit won the gold medal.

After Erhorn was in 1991 finished third in the German Championship, he was nominated as a replacement rider for the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, ​​was there but not used. Since the end of his active career, the graduate Pferdewirt has worked as a coach.

One particular sign of fairness sat Erhorn 1982, when he placed fair lady the Danish European champion from 1979 Nils Haagensen for the Championships, when he was suddenly without a horse.