Clemens Binninger

Clemens Binningerstrasse ( born April 24, 1962 in Bonn village ) is a German politician ( CDU).


Education and work

Post-high school in 1979 Binningerstrasse entered the middle of the police service of the State of Baden- Wuerttemberg and was until 1988 worked as a civil servant strip in Freiburg and Stuttgart. After he had acquired the part-time technical college, he studied from 1988 to 1991 at the Academy of Police in Villingen -Schwenningen. He then moved into the upscale service and worked as a police inspector at the police headquarters in Freiburg and the Interior Ministry of Baden- Württemberg. From 1995 to 1997 Binningerstrasse completed a study for the higher service to the Police Staff College in Muenster (Today German Police University ). He then worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Baden-Württemberg police until he joined as a lecturer in the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Interior in 1999. From 2001 to 2002 he was finally consultant for domestic and security policy in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Party race

Binningerstrasse joined the CDU in 1998, is since 2001 an ex officio member of the board of the CDU district association Böblingen. From 1998 to 2005 he was a member of the State Executive Committee of the Working Group Police of the CDU Baden- Württemberg; He is co-opted member of the executive committee since 2005. He belongs 2005-2011 as assessor to the State Executive Committee of the CDU Baden- Württemberg.

Deputies career

Since 2002 Binningerstrasse is a member of the German Bundestag. Here he is rapporteur of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group in the Internal Affairs Committee for the fight against terrorism, organized crime and IT security and air safety issues and the public sector. He was a member of the Visa Inquiry Committee of the German Bundestag. He negotiated for his group in 2006 the laws to combat terrorism and the establishment of an anti - terror database. In summer 2006, he suggested that so-called "Rail - Marshalls " ( armed guard ) use on the railways for defense against terrorist attacks. In the spring of 2008, Binningerstrasse spoke out against the increase of Deputies diets. In the 16th legislative period (2005-2009) he was involved in the negotiations for the BKA - law, to the electronic identity card, for service reform and for BSI - law. He was a member of the Bundestag's Interior Committee and the Parliamentary Control Panel ( PMB ) in the 17th electoral term. He also served as chairman of the committee work of the CDU / CSU Parliamentary Group in the Committee of Inquiry "terror of Nazi underground". In the 18th Parliament, he has been a full member of the Home Affairs Committee and Chairman of the Parliamentary Control Panel. In March 2014 Binningerstrasse was elected chairman of a committee of inquiry in 2013 by Edward Snowden revealed global surveillance and espionage.

Clemens Binningerstrasse is always drawn as directly elected representative of the constituency of Böblingen in the Bundestag, most recently in the general election in 2013 with 54.3 percent of the primary vote.

Others commitment

Binningerstrasse since 2006 has been president of the THW State Association Baden -Württemberg

He is also a member of the following organizations and associations:

  • Purpose Association Airfield
  • Forum Region Stuttgart
  • German - American Center / James -F. - Byrnes -Institut ( DAZ )
  • International Police Association (IPA )
  • European Union Germany e.V. ( EUD )
  • Friends of Zeltmusikfestival Freiburg eV ( ZMF)


Clemens Binningerstrasse is married to Ulrike Binningerstrasse, Mayor of Nufringen.


During his studies at the Academy of Police Villingen- Schwenningen Binningerstrasse 1990 was awarded the prize of the Landtag of Baden- Württemberg for special achievements in the field of constitutional law.