Ćmielów ( listen? / I ) is a town in Poland, in the Province of the Holy Cross.

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Geographical location

The city is situated on the plateau Sandomierz on the river Kamienna. The center of Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski is situated about ten kilometers to the west.

Neighboring communities

The urban and rural community Ćmielów is surrounded by seven churches. Starting in the north, these are clockwise: Bałtów, Tarlow, Ożarów, Wojciechowice, Opatów, Sadowie and Bodzechów.


The first documented evidence of a settlement on the site of the present Ćmielów date from the 14th century. The city was chartered today Ćmielów awarded the Jagiellonian on May 19, 1505 Aleksander. Other sources give 1509 as the date for the award of the town law. The city charter was confirmed after 1512 according to Magdeburg law. In the third partition of Poland was Ćmielów part of Austria. With the formation of the Duchy of Warsaw in 1809, the city was part of the same and in 1815 part of Congress Poland. In the 19th century, porcelain production developed in the city. 1870 lost Ćmielów be a town. In 1915 the town was connected to the railway network and by the end of the First World War the city became part of the reconstituted Poland. During the Second World War the city was occupied by the Wehrmacht until in January 1945 the Red Army marched. After the war, the town was part of the Polish People's Republic. In 1954, the city 's status as a settlement before he again became a town in 1962.

Culture and sights


  • The ruins of the castle from the 14th century
  • The Church of Saint Mary. It was built in the early 14th century. The first secured written reference dates from 1347 Jan Wisniewski dated 1907, the church to the year 1313. During the 16th century, the church of followers of Arianism was destroyed and it was followed in the following years, for example, destruction of the fighting in the Second Nordic war. End of the 18th century the church was rebuilt.

Economy and infrastructure


By Ćmielów the voivodship road leads 755 ( droga wojewódzka 755 ). It opens about ten kilometers to the west in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski in the European Route 371 at the same time national road 9 ( DK 9). To the east, the 755 runs crosses through Ożarów while the provincial road 79 and ends after about 40 kilometers east of Zawichost in the Province Road 854

The nearest international airport is Rzeszóz about 100 kilometers southeast of the city.