The ColecoVision was a game console produced by Coleco which was released in August 1982. Graphics and gamepad corresponded approximately to the former standard arcade games; at launch were 12 software titles to choose from, which were sold in the form of modules. Over the years the range grew to nearly 170 titles, including mainly the reactions of slot games.


The ColecoVision was the first game console that could play the arcade hits of the time with high fidelity in graphics and sound. This was due to the similarity of the ColecoVision hardware with the former arcade art; on the Atari 2600, Intellivision and Philips G7000 this was only with great smears, not only graphically and sonically, but often also in the gameplay and level structure possible. Also offered steering wheel with pedals ( Turbo ) for the ColecoVision was a sensation at the time, like it was not available for the home until then.

The ColecoVision for the European market was made by CBS; it contained a suitable for the European PAL television system graphics chip. In terms of hardware similar to the Colecovision technique of the later published MSX home computer standards, but are not compatible with it.

The included controller (joystick) with spiral cable and an additional number pad found in the housing space and were so always tidy when not in use. Like it was already in the Intellivision Interton VC4000 console or, and also some TV video games of the first generation ( Pong consoles with permanently installed games ) it already had.

Christmas 1982 had sold 500,000 units Coleco. The success was due to the accompanying games. While Atari had managed with the popularity of Space Invaders a breakthrough, the ColecoVision was the first home console, on the cult game Donkey Kong from Nintendo was playable. Another game hit was the game Zaxxon, which was very well ported from the arcade machine on the Coleco game console.

In early 1983, sales exceeded the one million until 1983, the great collapse of the market for video games. The production of the ColecoVision was discontinued in Spring 1984. Despite the difficulties towards the end of its heyday, more than six million units were sold.

Today Coleco emulators and games are distributed on the Internet. Although these games continue to be subject to prior copyright and therefore their distribution is illegal, many of the rights holders waived past simply to assert their claims.

Expansion Modules / Extensions and Accessories

Coleco brought some extensions on the market, including Expansion Module # 1, # 2 and Expansion Module Expansion Module # 3


  • CPU: Z80A with 3,579 MHz
  • Video Processor: Texas Instruments TMS9928A ( in the U.S. version ) or TMS9929A ​​( in the European version ) with a resolution of 256 × 192 points, 32 sprites and 16 colors
  • Sound Chip: Texas Instruments SN76489A, 3 tone generators and one noise generator
  • VRAM: 16 kilobyte
  • RAM: 1 kilobyte
  • Storage Media: Cartridges with 8/16/24/32 kilobytes

Some popular games

  • Cabbage Patch Kids
  • Donkey Kong
  • Time Pilot
  • Lady Bug
  • Carnival
  • Smurf
  • Pitstop
  • Zaxxon
  • Gorf