ROM cartridge

The term plug-in module (also caddy or English Cartridge - cassette ) denotes either a usable in electronic devices of a certain size component, which is enclosed by a fixed housing, and only the corresponding body. This is usually made ​​of plastic and is designed to protect the interior of the component from external influences such as touch, shock or moisture. The handling is increased.



In particular, electronic media of game consoles were to about the mid-1990s often referred to as plug-in module ( Game Engine) designed, for example, the SNES, Sega Genesis or Nintendo 64 Since every game console manufacturers newly developed each console was usually the electronic by the shape of the plug-in module incompatibility mechanically stressed. Due to the proprietary standards to make copies was very difficult. Only when the pressure applied to the held -lying board memory was too expensive compared to optical media, swung the game console industry on the use of CDs to another (eg Sega Saturn, PlayStation ) and subsequent formats. Nowadays one can find in the game console sector is almost exclusively in portable devices Plug-in modules, for example, when the Game Boy.

Another area of ​​application is the additional memory for computer printers that include other font or a PostScript interpreter, for example.


At the early days of CD -ROM drives, it was common for the compact disc ( CD) only in a protective housing (English caddy for rifle ) insert. Then Caddy and CD have been completely pushed into the drive. This protective case presented does not constitute CD packaging

Optical media without Caddy / Cartridge allow for more cost-effective mechanism for reading and writing instruments as well as less expensive media. Since CDs proved to be less sensitive than previously thought, Caddy disappeared -use CD -ROM drives mid-1990s from the market. You use instead drawer ( Tray) or plug-in mechanisms (slot -in).

For less common optical media continue cassettes are used, such as in 1995 published phase Writer Dual ( PD), the mini disc or the 2004 standardized Ultra Density Optical (UDO ). Also for the PlayStation Portable plastic casings are used -use UMDs. Furthermore, some DVD -RAM drives require a cartridge.


Professional is used for disk to be replaced with simple magnetic tapes, the term cartridge.

Media with magnetic disk are referred to colloquially rather than floppy and media with a magnetic tape rather than cassette.


Since printer cartridges and toner cartridges from printers are referred to as a cartridge in the English language, this term is occasionally found also in Germany.

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