Ultra Density Optical

The Ultra Density Optical (UDO ) was developed by the British manufacturer plasmon as a successor to the MOD for professional business use. Technically UDO based on the phase - change technology and has a storage capacity of 30 GB ( gigabytes), UDO2.0 ( GB ) is specified with 60 GB and was presented at the CeBIT 2007 in Hannover. Since September 2004, the UDO is based on the manufacturer-independent standard ISO / IEC 17345th

In industry association UDO Technology Forum UDO supporters are organized.

Specification of the media

The UDO media is in a cartridge in the 5-1/4 "format, so that in existing jukeboxes they (or Optical Libraries) of the same medium size ( 5-1/4 " MOD ) can be used. These, however, must be installed in the jukeboxes UDO drives. MOD and UDO are not compatible.

The UDO is available in three variants media to electronic filing:

  • True Write Once means writable once and can not be deleted
  • Compliance Write-Once is write-once, but has for the targeted deletion of data on a scratch function
  • Rewritable means up to 10,000 times rewritable

The data integrity of the stored data on the media is certified for 50 years.

Norms and Standards

  • ISO / IEC 17345, based on the Standard ECMA- 350th