M- Disc ( in own notation M -DISC, short for Millennial Disc) denotes a writeable digital optical data storage, their durability is sufficient for a long-term data storage. As a write-once disk it is produced in the DVD and Blu- Ray format.


The advertised storage period of an M- Disc of 1000 years ( a millennium, hence the brand and manufacturer name) provides a considerably longer period of time than is the durability of conventional DVD -R and BD -R media. The latter use an organic writing and a reflective layer, which limits the shelf life of between five and ten years ( with proper storage ). Instead of an organic layer, an M- Disc uses an inorganic layer, identified by the manufacturer as effective advertising "rock -like" ( rock or stone similar). The M- Disc DVD will be recorded with a more powerful laser, which is why for writing a special drive is needed. The M- Disc Blu- Ray to meet the writing standards of the Blu -ray Disc Association, whereby it can be described in standard Blu -ray burners. One described M- Disc is compatible with the DVD or Blu- Ray standards and thus in regular DVD or Blu- Ray drives read or played.

On behalf of the manufacturer and with the requirements of the test conditions Millenniata media were tested type M - Disc DVD from the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division, a division of the U.S. Navy, in a weather chamber together with normal, once recordable DVD storage media. The test conditions consisted among other things of ambient temperatures up to 75 ° C, high levels of UV radiation, whereby the surface temperature of the DVDs and M- discs rose to around 85 ° C, and high humidity of up to 85 %. The M- Disc DVD was the only medium in which the data could then be read with a low error rate.


The M- Disc developer is Millenniata, Inc. The company was founded in 2010 by Barry in Utah Lunt and Matthew Linford, two professors at Brigham Young University, and Henry O'Connell (CEO) and Doug Hansen ( CTO).