Professional Disc

The Professional Disc for Data (PDD ) is a variant of the Blu -ray Disc ( BD) from the manufacturer Sony, which was created specifically for professional storage solutions in the corporate sector. The PDD could not prevail against the UDO and is no longer produced since 2006.


The capacity of the single-sided disk should be about 23 GB and is therefore several times higher than that of a conventional CD (capacity about 700 MB ) or DVD (capacity 4.37 or 8.5 GB). The method for data storage using the phase-change technology in which in the PDD, a blue laser is used. The sensitive, only 0.1 mm thin disk protective layer of the disc is protected by an airtight caddy.


The first versions of the associated optical drives came in May 2004, first in Japan to market.

The PDD should be available both as a WORM medium ( Write Once Read Multiple times) as well as rewritable RW media.

The PDD is based on the DVD successor Blu- ray Disc and competes with the Ultra Density Optical ( UDO). Due to incompatibilities with existing backup solutions based on the popular in the corporate sector MOD to PDD could not prevail due to high costs of retrofitting.

The development of the PDD has been discontinued by Sony in early 2006.