Colin Archer

Colin Archer ( born July 22, 1832 in Larvik, † February 3, 1921 ibid ) was one of the most important yacht and ship designers. The seaworthiness of his sailing ships usually used as rescue or pilot boats is legendary.

Born in 1832, six years after his Scottish parents had moved to Norway, the family lived in Tolderodden in Larvik. As a young man Archer lived for several years in Australia, where he established a large farm with his brother, James and won as financial independence.

In 1861 Colin Archer returned to Norway, where he made a great name as a ship designer and boatbuilders. His ships are characterized by exceptional stability and seaworthiness. One of the most famous ships built by him is the Fram, with the explored the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen and Roald Amundsen later the Arctic and Antarctic.

When Colin Archer died at the age of 89 years, he had built over 200 ships, 70 boats, 60 pilot boats, 14 lifeboats and 72 other vessels. The preferred him Yacht plan is the gate of the spigot, because this type has a very high seaworthiness with a moderate gaff - rigging. Yachts of this type are referred to as Colin Archer type. One of the constructed according to the plans of Colin Archer boats is the SÆLØER, which was built in 1917 in Norway as a freighter and still sails as a traditional ship 's home port Kappeln on the Baltic Sea.

The in November 1896, completed as Rachel Gaffelketsch doctor is still traveling on the North and Baltic Seas.