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Swb, wlc ( Shimwali ), wni ( Shindzuani ) zdj, ( Shingazidja )

The Comoro language ( Shikomor; alternative designation Shimasiwa for " language of the islands " ) is next to French and Arabic one of the three official languages ​​of the Comoros and the mother tongue of nearly all 800,000 inhabitants of the Comoros Archipelago (including Mayotte ).

Comorian is written in Arabic script for centuries. Recently, there are efforts to establish a unified transcription in Latin characters.

The Comoro is closely related to Swahili and is more affected compared to that from Arabic. Since the Comoros were visited over many centuries by sailors of various nations, there are also many Persian, Portuguese, Malagasy, English and French loanwords.

Each island has its own dialect:

Comorian is also the language of the national anthem of Comoros Udzima wa ya Masiwa.

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