Anjouan ( Comorian Ndzouani ) is one of the three main islands of the Republic of the Comoros. It is 424 km ² and has about 240,000 inhabitants. It forms an autonomous republic. The capital of this island is Mutsamudu. It is noteworthy that live on the sea slopes of the island coelacanth. An important transport links to the airport Ouani.


The first known inhabitants of the island were from Indonesia and Polynesia to the Comoros. Around the year 1500 the sultanate was founded Ndzuwani. These were for the most powerful Sultanate of Comoros. 1816 asked Sultan Alawi bin Husein the French help against the Sultanate of Zanzibar, which threatened his territory. Finally, the island was 1866 French reserve. 1912 was the formal annexation.

In the aftermath of Anjouan was part of the French colony of Madagascar. After the Second World War, the Comoros were a separate overseas territory and in 1975, when the Comoros from France declared independent, Anjouan joined the new state.

In 1997, the islands of Anjouan and Mohéli declared their independence from the Comoros. The immediate attempt by the government to win by force of arms regain control over the breakaway islands, failed, as did the trial Anjouan, to rejoin France.

In 2001 there was a constitutional reform, is again joined the Comoros because of Anjouan. In elections in 2002, Mohamed Bacar was, who has previously taken in a coup the power on Anjouan, was elected President of the autonomous island. His term expired in April 2007. Since the elections were not scheduled until the 10th June 2007 the Constitutional Court of the Comoros appointed a provisional president, who was driven out of Bacars followers from office. The central government postponed the election due to poor conditions for such meeting by a week. Bacar was the original election day vote and reached 90 % of the votes cast. His choice was therefore not recognized by the Comorian government.

On 25 March 2008 the island was conquered by an invasion of the Comorian army with the help of the African Union with the participation of Tanzania, Senegal, Sudan and Libya, with logistical support from France. Bacar fled to the French island of Mayotte and asked for political asylum there. From France, he was taken to the island of Réunion and prosecuted there for illegal border crossing. The Comorian government demands, however, the delivery Bacars.

By Regulation ( EC) No 243/ 2008 of 17 March 2008, the European Commission has introduced restrictive measures against members of the former government Bacar. Among other things, all funds and economic resources of Mohamed Bacar, Jaffar Salim, Mhamed Abdou madi, Ali mchindra, Houmadi Souf, Rehema Boinali, Dhoihirou Halidi and Abdou Bacar were frozen. This includes fees and payments or controlled by such persons to institutions, companies and other legal persons. All payments or the provision of economic resources permit. Infringements of this Regulation in the Federal Republic of Germany in accordance with § 34 Section 4 No. 2 Foreign Trade Act punishable.