Conrad W. Hall

Conrad W. Hall ( born November 13, 1958 in Los Angeles, California) is an American cinematographer.


Hall is the son of cinematographer Conrad L. Hall (1926-2003) from his second marriage. He took his third Oscar at the Academy Awards 2003, although representative, as his father was deceased at this time. His grandfather is the author James Norman Hall ( 1887-1951 ).

Hall began his own career as a cameraman in the 1980s as a camera assistant, and later as a simple cameraman. Occasionally, he worked here with his father. In addition, he has worked as a cameraman in the commercial film industry

His first feature film was Panic Room (2002), in his filming, he replaced the actual camera man Darius Khondji.

For his work on A Gentleman 's Game Hall in 2002 was honored with the award of the DVD Exclusive Awards with the DVD Premiere Awards.

Filmography (selection)

  • 2002: Panic Room
  • 2002: A Gentleman 's Game
  • 2004: The Punisher
  • 2005: Two for the Money ( Two for the Money )
  • 2007: Elvis and Anabelle ( Elvis and Anabelle )
  • 2008: The Longshots