Two for the Money (film)

Two for the Money (Original Title: Two for the Money ) is an American thriller from 2005, directed by DJ Caruso, the screenplay was written by Dan Gilroy. .


Brandon Lang has achieved as a quarterback a successful college football career. During a game, he was gravely wounded, but starts too soon with the construction training. Nevertheless, he is taken neither by his team still by another American football team more in the squad, so he has to finish his career.

Instead, Lang is now working as an employee of a telephone and starts to make recommendations for sports betting. Through his many years of experience in the football field, he achieved a very high accuracy of up to 85 %, which is why he is soon recruited by Walter Abrams.

This leads a consulting firm in New York City, which tips for sports betting markets on a toll-free hotline. The customer call is free, but they pay a commission on the profits of Abrams. In addition, the married with Toni Morrow entrepreneur who has a daughter, his own TV show " The Sports Advisors " produced.

Abrams creates for long the fictional character " John Anthony". Under this pseudonym he steps on to the customer in the procurement of sports betting.

First Lang as " John Anthony" always successful. This goes so far that the game used to be addicted Abrams is a large part of its assets, a tips of the long and loses.

The more long, however, focused on how the shaped of Abram " John Anthony" to act, the more its hit rate in the sports betting. He is aware of this, but can not find back to his old marksmanship and therefore finally throws a coin to be bound by the winning team in the Super Bowl.

Surprisingly, this considerably past first team but decided with the last play of the match yet for itself.

Although Lang has rehabilitated with this prediction, the company, he returns to his home back to Las Vegas, there to act as a football coach a youth team.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews, the first time had tension loaded, but then the script would be cliched. The role of Walter Abrams was " tailored" to Al Pacino, seeing his " calculated exaggerated " presentation -ready fun. Matthew McConaughey do not play the best role of his career; the other actors would hardly leave any impression.

Roger Ebert wrote in the Chicago Sun - Times on October 7, 2005, the film show Al Pacino, who just experience a fertile creative period. Ebert also praised the " wonderful " representations of Matthew McConaughey and Rene Russo, but less pronounced embodied characters than that of Al Pacino would play. The betting consultants are not portrayed realistically, what is not a serious problem.

The magazine Cinema described the film as a " failed " Wall Street " variant".


The trailer for the film was nominated in 2006 for a Golden Trailer Award.


The film was shot in New York City, Las Vegas and Vancouver. His cost of production was estimated at 20 million U.S. dollars. The film played in the cinemas of the USA, an approximately 22.86 million U.S. dollars. In Germany it was published in July 2006 directly to DVD.

In Abrams office stands in the background a framed jersey, on which the name of the producer James G. Robinson printed.