Darius Khondji

Darius Khondji ( born October 21, 1955 in Tehran, Iran ) is a French cinematographer.


Darius Khondji was born the son of an Iranian father and a French mother in Tehran. He spent his childhood in Paris and began in his childhood, to shoot short films. Since a scientific university degree was necessary in France for film studies, but he only had an artistic degree, he decided in 1977 to complete a film studies at the University of California. On the outward journey there, he entered a stopover in New York City and was immediately fascinated by this city. He decided to enroll at New York University and graduated from there. During his studies he also important from its original plan to become a director, from, since he found out that he " was more keen to make a mood for a story, as the story to tell itself."

In the 80 years he worked for smaller French productions as a camera assistant and also as a cameraman. His first major international success came to him in 1991 with his work on the film Delicatessen by Marc Caro and Jean -Pierre Jeunet. The gloomy atmosphere of this film should be archetypal for his later work. For the film The City of Lost Children 1995 he worked again successful with Jeunet / Caro. In the same year he returned to the U.S. to rotate with David Fincher film Seven; for this work he won in 1996 by the Chicago Film Critics Association Award for the best cinematography. Also in 1996, he turned with Alan Parker film Evita, for which he won his only Oscar nomination so far for best cinematography. 1997, there was again a collaboration with Jean- Pierre Jeunet for the film Alien - The rebirth of the very successful, however, was not at the box office. Other notable films with his participation on the camera, the films The Beach by Danny Boyle and Panic Room by David Fincher.

Darius Khondji turned not only movies, but also music videos. He worked with director Chris Cunningham on the clips to Frozen by Madonna and Africa Shox by Leftfield. The video to Dirge by Death in Vegas (director: Richard Fearless and Richard Fenwick ) was born with Khondji as a cameraman.

Khondji is married and has three children.

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