Curse of Novgorod

Curse of Novgorod is a steel roller coaster in the Hansa- Park ( Sierksdorf ) from the model Launched Euro -Fighter of the manufacturer Gerstlauer Amusement Rides, which was opened on April 9, 2009.


Curse of Novgorod goes through a replica of the Novgorod Kremlin. Passengers will be accelerated with a catapult launch in the dark in 1.4 seconds of about 20 km / h to 100 km / h. There is also a lift hill, 90 degree steep pulls the passengers up and then 97 degree drops down. The travel time on this roller coaster is about 120 seconds in a Heartline Roll is traversed. In one hour, up to 900 people are being transported.

The journey begins with a slowly traversed left-right curve. Then it's about 5 feet down into a tunnel. Then the passenger is on a 25 meters long straights in 1.4 seconds accelerates to 100 km / hr. After a helical curve to the right, the journey begins outdoors. The car runs a so-called top-hat up, on top of which up to -1.5 g ( airtime) rests on the passengers. After this hill descent followed by another hill, which is crossed at 90 ° lateral position. Then the bay node that is comparable to two 45 ° inclined loops follows. Then follows the Heartline roll and after a left hand bend the car is braked. Now again begins the dark part of the path, move the carriage to a 40 meter high tower. This envelops the almost 30 meter high elevator, on which the car only 90 ° ( ie, perpendicular ) is pulled up and then at an angle of max. 97 ° tumbles. Here, too, fall on numerous effects. Then, a further 90 ° inclined hill is traversed and after the car is braking gently follows the conclusion still a small, jerky hill that was replaced and optimized at the beginning of the 2010 season after criticism of the passengers. The carriage moves to the left into the station and the ride is over.


For the first time on a roller coaster cars were built, which are suitable for a chain lift as well as a kill. It is the world's first blend of Launched Coaster and Euro Fighter. The manufacturer calls this roller coaster type as " Launched Euro -Fighter ". She is also currently the steepest roller coaster in Germany and 97 °, the steepest roller coaster in the dark world.

The track tells a story around the 14th century around, over the Lübeck merchant peer Oldendorp who seeks his own, in a mystical way, missing father in Novgorod. This occurs inter alia in the dark ride areas. The complete history was during the first season still under construction, because even though the Curse of Novgorod was already opened on 9 April 2009, the works were accommodated. Thus, the building of interior and exterior for example, were not fully addressed. Full completion was completed with the opening of the park, in the spring of 2010. It was also discussed the criticism of passengers and the journey further optimized with new rail parts for the section after the final brakes. In addition, the acceleration in 2010 was increased, which has a faster ride with higher negative G- forces on the first airtime hill result.


The Hansa Park and manufacturer Gerstlauer were awarded in 2011 for the roller coaster with the New Price " FKF Award 2010" Friends of the Fairground and amusement parks eV.


A raven as a counselor

The train in the entrance to the Heartline Roll