Czech Air Force

The air forces of the Czech Republic (Czech: České Republiky Vzdušné SILY Armády, ICAO code CEF), and air forces of the Czech Republic or the Czech Air Force, is a strike force (TTA) of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. Air Force and Army are the TSK cross Streitkräftebasis ( Joint Force Command) and are the main forces of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic. In 1993, the Air Force of the Czech Republic, as well as the Air Force of the Slovak Republic, which emerged from the former Czechoslovak Air Force.


The primary mission of the Air Force is to secure the air space of the Czech Republic in conjunction with the NATO Integrated Air Defence System - NATINADS, the air support (close air support) of the Army and ensure air transport, including the government, parliament and government institutions and organizations.

List of aircraft

The Czech Air Force operates a total of 190 aircraft. This includes 61 combat aircraft and 84 helicopters. 37 percent of these aircraft were produced by the national aviation industry.


  • General Staff - Prague
  • Joint Forces Command - Olomouc 21 Tactical Air Force base - Čáslav 211th Tactical Season - Jas - 39C / D Gripen
  • 212 Tactical Season - L-159A/L-159T1 ALCA
  • 221 Gunship Season - Mi-24DU/W/Mi-35
  • 222 Tactical Relay - L- 39ZA
  • 231 helicopter squadron - Mi-17/Mi-171Sch
  • 241 transport pilots Relay - A319CJ, CL -601 -3A, Yak- 40 and Yak- 40K
  • 242 transport and special flyer Season - An- 26B -100, CASA C -295, L-410FG/UVP-E/T
  • 243 helicopter squadron - Mil Mi -8S, Mi-17/171Sch, W -3A
  • SAR - W -3A chain in Plzeň
  • SAR - W -3A chain in Přerov