David Kay (* 1979; actually David Kulenkampff ) is a native of Vienna music producer.


David Kay began even before graduation to get creative way to interest in recording studios, and kept his no longer deterred. As a singer, guitarist and live engineer, he gained his first experience, and finally exchanged the instruments against computers and samplers, in order to devote himself to the production of electronic club music.

Under the pseudonym D.Kay he brought together with well-known producers and DJs from the UK, various drum and bass productions out ( on labels like Soul: r, Hardware, bingo, Metalheadz and others), and worked with Marcus Intalex, Kasra and Black Sun Empire together. For a time he also worked with DJ Lee and released some singles as Desire / How Much Does It Take and Manipulate the Universe ( rmx) on his own label and more singles on the label Metalheadz of the scene - size Goldie. His first album he released on the label Moving Shadow at the age of 19 years.

Together with the Viennese DJ Epsilon he published in the summer of 2003, the track "Barcelona", in a vocal version with Stamina MC reached number 14 on the British charts (the highest chart entry for an Austrian in the year). In the same year D.Kay Award England at the prestigious Knowledge Awards as Best Breakthrough Producer.

As a DJ D.Kay toured throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

2012, D.Kay adopted from the world of Drum and Bass and changed its name to David Kay. He is now active as a producer, composer and DJ further and delivered in 2012, already remixes for Nelly Furtado and George Michael from. In addition, he produced and co-wrote the debut EP by Fabio Lendrum, released on the American label Big Beat Records, which is home to, among others, the likes of Deadmau5 and Skrillex.

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David Kulenkampff is a grandson of the late 1998 entertainer Hans -Joachim Kulenkampff.



  • Individual Soul (2007)


  • Golem / Red Wave (1999)
  • Where We Stand / Quiet Earth (2002)
  • Barcelona ( and Epsilon featuring Stamina MC D.Kay, 2003)
  • Come Easy (2003)
  • Beat the Machines (2003)
  • Be There 4 U (2004)
  • It's on the Way ( 2004)
  • The Martians (2004)
  • Shadowplay / Hardwired (2004)
  • Honey ( 2004)
  • Lion Dub / In My Soul (2005)
  • Transition ( 2005)
  • Off the Rails (2005)
  • Martians 2 / Casali (2005)
  • Planet Music (2005)
  • Serenade / Being Different (2005)
  • Manipulate the Universe ( rmx ) (2006 )
  • Move Y All (2006)
  • Desire / How Much Does It Take ( 2006)
  • Nothing Is True / Odessa (2006)
  • Hardliners / Future Creep (2006)
  • Jungle Funk / Twin Peakz (2007)
  • Energy ( feat. Eksman ) / Your Soul (2007)

Remix Discography: Nelly Furtado - "Big Hoops " - 2012 George Michael - "White Light " - 2012 Fabio Lendrum - "Out of the Water " 2012 John B - " Light Speed ​​" 2012