Dallas Tornado

Dallas Tornado was the name of an existing 1967 to 1981 professional football franchise from the Greater Dallas in Texas. Founded in 1967 for the United Soccer Association (USA), Dallas Tornado was a founding member of the North American Soccer League ( NASL ). The biggest success was winning the championship in 1971, also became the club in 1973 and runner-up four times in Division Best in the first round. The franchise was Lamar Hunt. Both in 1967 in the USA and in the first half of the 1969 season in the NASL Dallas Tornado did not have a team, instead of playing squad of the Scottish first division club Dundee United under the name Tornados.

Major League players who played at the end of their career at Dallas Tornado were Egwin Wolf ( 1979-81 ), Willi Lippens (1979 ), Wolfgang Rausch ( 1979-81 ), Klaus Topp Moeller ( 1980-81 ) and Gert Trinklein ( 1979-80 ).