Danielle Casanova

Danielle Casanova, born Ella Vincent Perini ( born January 9, 1909 in Ajaccio on Corsica, † May 9, 1943 in Auschwitz ) was a French communist and members of the Resistance.


Danielle Casanova moved as a young woman to Paris, studied dentistry there and married in 1933 the lawyer Laurent Casanova. Together they engaged the left politically, publicly and in student circles. Her small apartment was often a meeting place of the local Corsican. Here, the Maquis, the French Resistance against German occupiers and collaborators immediately found ideal contact persons during the Second World War.

In 1936, she founded the Union of young French women ( Union des Jeunes Filles de France ), a girl organization of the Communist Party. After the banning of the party in September 1939, she continued to work in the underground, until she was arrested in February 1942.

She organized the French La Santé prison and later in prison camp by Romain Ville still learning groups or political demonstrations. On their own initiative, each was sentenced to death or removal companion greeted demonstrative and solidarity adopted with songs. On January 24, 1943, she was deported together with 230 Resistance fighters were to Auschwitz. Survivors reported that Danielle Casanova seemed optimistic and organized political work and political studies among the inmates. On May 9, 1943, she died in the Auschwitz concentration camp from typhus.

In France, named after her roads and a ferry.