Danity Kane

Danity Kane is an American girl group of five singers that of the emitted in 2006 from the third season of MTV and hosted by rapper P. Diddy Singing Competition Making the Band has emerged.

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Band History

2005: Making the Band

In July 2005, Shannon Bex, Aundrea Fimbres, Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard, and Wanita " D. Woods " scored Woodgette to 18 ( of originally 10,000 ) young women who are new to a passing the audition, several successful recalls, restructuring and a the next season as part of the broadcast by MTV singing competition Making the Band 3 moved into a loft in New York City to take part in a subsequent workshop. During the several months of vocal and dance training under the direction of choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson, the singer Doc Holiday and talent manager Johnny Wright, the number of participants under sentence of rapper P. Diddy reduced to eleven.

On 8 December 2005 Bex, Fimbres, O'Day, Richard and Woodgette finally learned within a special issue of the format that they emerge as the winners of the competition and would be part of the final lineup. A little later involved the girl group Danity Kane who henceforth called (after a fictional anime drawing Dawn ), a new shared home in Manhattan and began preparations for their debut album.

2006: Danity Kane

In August 2006, appeared in the U.S., the debut album, which was the band's name. The captured from well-known producers like Timbaland, Scott Storch, Ryan Leslie, Rodney " Darkchild " Jerkins and Mario Winans record sold alone in its first week of release more than 230,000 times and thus placed himself immediately ranked No. 1 on the U.S. album charts. Meanwhile, the album for more than 1.2 million copies sold was certified platinum. The first single from the plate, Showstopper, reached # 8 on the Billboard charts and was also placed in the top 30 both in Germany as well as in Lithuania. The second single titled Ride for You, however, failed to enter the Billboard Top 50

Between February and May 2007 Danity Kane accompanied together with the Pussycat Dolls singer Christina Aguilera as the opening act during their back- to-basics tour of North America. Around the same time, the quintet began with the preparations for their second album.

2008: Welcome to the Dollhouse

The end of 2007 the five purchased under another MTV Season with Day26, the winning band the following Making the Band Season, a common house, where the group began to Welcome to the dollhouse with the studio recordings. MTV Germany beamed the show from 5 March 2008 on Wednesdays.

As of January 31, 2008 her single Damaged was available in the U.S. version of iTunes, the accompanying video was first shown on 11 March 2008 at MTV TRL USA in the show. The group's second album, Welcome to the Dollhouse, was released on 18 March 2008 in the U.S.. In Germany it was released on 9 May 2008. Their second single Bad Girl was released in June.

Mid-October, Aubrey was fired from P. Diddy during the show Making the Band 4 in front of cameras, D. Woods got her out of the lineup. A few weeks later left Shannon Bex because of disputes with P. Diddy the group. In January 2009, Danity Kane broke up completely.

Dawn Richard is currently a member of the formation Diddy - Dirty Money, which is produced by P. Diddy.

2013: Reunion

In May 2013 was rumored about a comeback of the band, as four of the five band members were spotted together in Los Angeles. On 25 August 2013, the reunion of the band was officially announced on their official website. After Aubrey O'Day and D. Woods were fired in 2008 by P. Diddy, Aubrey decided on the comeback. D. Woods, however, decided not to participate in the reunion, and I will continue to work on her solo career. The band has decided to plan their comeback without Diddy. On August 25, the band had their first joint appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards, and announced their first new single " Rage". During the comeback concert at the House of Blue in December Danity Kane sang the new song All Day Work. Aundrea Fimbres has also engaged to her boyfriend.