Davey Hamilton

Davey Hamilton ( born June 13, 1962 in Nampa, Idaho) is an American race car driver. In 1997 and 1998 he was vice-champion of the Indy Racing League.

Before Hamilton went into the Indy Racing League (IRL ), he was active in various U.S. motorsport series and failed in 1993 and 1995 in the qualifying for the Indianapolis 500 in 1996, he made his debut in the Indy Racing League and finished ninth overall. 1997 Hamilton reached three third places. By season's end he lost the championship title with 272 to 278 points, close to Tony Stewart and was runner-up. In 1998, the Americans with a second place his best finish in the IRL. This season he succeeded, although Stewart, who finished the season in third place, to leave behind, but he was beaten Kenny Bräck and again won the vice-championship.

1999 Hamilton even get two second places, but it was enough in the standings for the fourth place. In his fifth season in the IRL of Americans could not build on the successes of previous years, and he finished the season in 23rd place overall. This season was the last season that completely denied Hamilton. In 2001, he started the season again in the IRL and launched in five races. In the fifth race at Texas Motor Speedway accident Hamilton difficult and had to in the next two years, 21 times to be operated on his legs and feet. After a rehabilitation period, a year sitting in Hamilton in wheelchair racers initially ended his career.

2007 Hamilton was at the age of 44 years his comeback in the now renamed the IRL IndyCar Series and entered only to the Indianapolis 500. He finished on his return went straight to ninth place. In the overall classification, he finished with this result, the 26th place. 2008, the Americans repeated the start the Indianapolis 500, and came into this year as 14th position. In the overall standings he was 36th in 2009 he appeared for the third time only to the Indianapolis 500. He came in this race not finishing, finishing in 40th place overall.

In 2010, Hamilton again qualified for the Indianapolis 500 and went for the first time since 2001 to another race. At the end of the season, he finished 36th overall. In 2011, Hamilton for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing at some oval race of the IndyCar Series part. At the end of the season he was on the 41st overall.


He is married to Tracey Hamilton and has two children.


Career stations

  • 2000: Indy Racing League ( place 23 )
  • 2001: Indy Racing League ( 26th place )
  • 2007: IndyCar Series (No. 26)
  • 2008: IndyCar Series (No. 36)
  • 2009: IndyCar Series (No. 40)
  • 2010: IndyCar Series (No. 36)
  • 2011: IndyCar Series ( No. 41 )

Individual results in the IndyCar Series

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