David Hallyday

David Hallyday ( born August 14, 1966 in Boulogne- Billancourt, David Michael Benjamin Smet bourgeois ) is a French songwriter, musician and race car driver.


David Hallyday is the son of Johnny Hallyday (Jean -Philippe Smet ) and Sylvie Vartan. Due to the huge popularity of his father, he was called in France from birth to David Hallyday only, regardless of the fact that his last name is Smet. Only in motorsport organizers lead him sometimes under his real name.

David Hallyday grew after the separation of his parents with his mother in Los Angeles. Very early showed his musical talent and his passion for playing the drums. During concerts, he always observed the drummer his father, Tommy Brown, and looked a lot from there. At home he played drums on your own Led Zeppelin and other bands after 1970. Also the composition is in his blood. At age six, he gave his mother a birthday his first self-written song.

The start in the music career, David Hallyday started with some songs he wrote for two films. In the discussions of music in He 's my girl he was asked if he would not even be interested to audition for a role, and received one of the two main roles in the film. After the film, his first album True Cool, two years later, the second appeared in a similar musical style. In the 1990s, his music changed. In 1994 he brought an album with his group Blind Fish out in 1997 with his group Novacaine the eponymous album, which is much more rock than its predecessors.

Private David Hallyday changes in life had an impact on his music. In 1999 he published his first French-language album Un paradis / un enfer. In parallel, his father published the album Sang pour sang for David all the music was written and co-produced. The album spawned a Johnny Diamond and there was a lot of awards for father and son.

It was followed by the album Révélation with a slightly more electronic emphasis in music, and with his previously Satellite rockigstes French-language album. The album is his most personal David Hallyday and with a strong acoustic touch. Most of the instruments he plays on the album itself

Besides music, his passion for the sport. David has been running years of motorsport and is driven in various European racing series, including the FFSA, Le Mans Series ( LMS), FIA GT and BTCA.

He often takes part in the annual charity concert of Les Enfoirés, the largest media event in the Francophone world.


  • Un nouveau monde (2010)
  • David Hallyday (2007)
  • Satellite ( 2004)
  • Révélation (2002)
  • Un paradis / un enfer (1999)
  • Nova Caine (1997, with his group Nova Caine )
  • 2000 bbf (1994, with his group Blind Fish)
  • On the road (1992 )
  • Rock'n'heart (1990)
  • True cool (1988 )


  • Grosse fatigue (1994 ), brief appearance as himself together with his first wife Estelle Lefébure
  • He's my girl ( 1987), Bryan Peters
  • La Planète au Trésor (2002, German Title: Treasure Planet ), Jim Hawkins
  • Les Enfoirés font leur cinéma (2009)
  • Les secrets of Enfoirés (2008)
  • La caravane of Enfoirés (2007)
  • La foire aux Enfoirés (2003)
  • Tous dans le même bateau (2002)
  • 2001: L' odyssée of Enfoirés (2001)
  • Enfoirés en 2000 (2000)
  • Dernière édition avant l'an 2000 (1999)

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