David Oppenheimer

David Oppenheimer ( born January 1, 1834 in Blieskastel, † December 31, 1897 in Vancouver ) was a native of Germany Canadian businessman and politician. From 1888 to 1891 he was the second mayor of Vancouver.

Originally from a Jewish merchant Oppenheimer family emigrated in 1848 with almost all ten brothers and sisters in the United States. The Oppenheimer settled first in New Orleans down where David learned bookkeeping and worked in a department store. From 1851 he worked as a dealer, real estate agent and landlord in California and probably moved on to 1858 Victoria on Vancouver Iceland, where his brother Charles had founded a trading company.

As more and more people flocked to British Columbia because of the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush and Cariboo Gold Rush, the brothers built more stores in the interior to supply the prospectors and settlers. In the 1870s, the town of Yale was the seat of the company, which was also active in the real estate trade. David Oppenheimer was an important business partner of the Canadian Pacific Railway, a transcontinental railroad line built in the 1880s through the mountains. 1885, the corporate headquarters for future terminus was moved, a small village called Granville (present-day Vancouver ). The brothers opened in 1887 the first Gemüsegroßhandel the city.

David Oppenheimer was active in local politics and was elected mayor in December 1887. During his tenure, which lasted until 1891, he built the water supply from, promoted the establishment of industries and gave the city acquired many of his family land to build thereon schools and parks. Oppenheimer was the host of the Governor General, as this on September 27, 1888 Stanley Park officially opened. He also founded the Vancouver Electric Railway and Light Company, which built the first tram lines and produced electricity.

End of December 1891 Oppenheimer stepped down from his position and devoted himself to his business activities. This led almost to his financial ruin. The Vancouver Electric Railway and Light Company was placed in receivership in 1893 and sold a year later. For the company, the British Columbia Electric Railway and later BC Hydro developed. The vegetable wholesale trade remained family owned and exists under the name of The Oppenheimer Group today.